Hi, my name is Krisi.

I believe how one presents information is just as valuable as the information itself, my goal in my work has been to help create a sustainable structure for the flow of information from the client to the audience.

Story branding is a vital part of any business, large or small. To communicate an effective message to the customer, a company has to start by understanding what their mission is, they have to be able to tell a story with consistent phrasing and branding in order to establish their message and themselves. These are principles I have learned from editing with Prodigal Magazine, my time teaching in the Apple retail environment, volunteering with Habitat for Humanities Young Professional Network and working for several smaller but just as passionate companies.

My strengths as a teacher, organizer and strategist have led me to pursue Instructional Design as a profession, to pursue creative writing for self reflection and seek physical challenges such as long distance cycling and hiking.