IJM Freedom Tour 2015 Recap

At the end of my recent tour with Venture Expeditions, our leaders asked us to respond to a few of the following questions: 1) What were some of your thoughts heading into tour? 2) Do you have a memorable story from tour? 3) What will you take away from tour? Here are my first thoughts coming […]

I Am Woman

I am woman. This is what I say in my head as a picture my semi-athletic body biking down the west coast, or even just biking up one of these monster hills in Seattle. I also picture myself flexing a pretend arm muscle and grimacing at a crowd of awed spectators. Or grimacing as my […]

My Venture Application

Why am I riding my bike with Venture Expeditions? They wanted to know first why I chose to ride by bike and this is what I told them. Raw and unedited. Alright, slightly edited, because sometimes I type too fast. APPLICATION QUESTIONS: Why are you interested in participating? I’m tired of opting out. I’m tired […]


Almost. There are a lot of things I almost do. Like summit mountains or hold my breath for a minute. Complete a 5k or perhaps ride my bike across the country. Both things I thought sounded cool and very unrealistic for a highly un-athletic gal like me. It took a few moments over the last […]

Fear’s (not) the Boss of Me

Last weekend I was with my friend Brianne who has two daughters, a three year old and one year old. We were watching the girls run in and out of a playhouse designed with one of those barn style doors that allows you to swing shut the bottom and then the top. A process which […]