Little Death’s

Little deaths. Two winters ago I made a commitment to give up God. An active disengagement from my twenty-six years of belief, I was very official about the whole process. I wrote “god is not real” on a piece of paper, lit a glittery white candle, and set the paper on fire in the snow […]

Pick A Side.

  Pick a side. This is a necessity of growing up, you have to start saying you are a “fill-in-the-blank”. Choose a football team, choose a political candidate, choose to eat gluten or not, choose to buy a car or go on a trip. Choose to be an atheist or a Christian, but whatever you […]

The Church Needs You

“You might not need the church Krisi, but the church needs you.” Kevin looked me in the eyes and repeated his sentence with eerie authenticity. I’ve been hearing a rendition of this statement a lot recently. Mostly from the same person, my good friend Brianne keeps telling me how much I have to offer to […]

My Venture Application

Why am I riding my bike with Venture Expeditions? They wanted to know first why I chose to ride by bike and this is what I told them. Raw and unedited. Alright, slightly edited, because sometimes I type too fast. APPLICATION QUESTIONS: Why are you interested in participating? I’m tired of opting out. I’m tired […]

Actively Giving Up

I’ve decided to actively give up god for awhile, this may sound like a casual statement, said flippantly and off the cuff, but honestly I think i’ve given up on the idea of god for longer than I have known — I think, if i’m honest doubt has been predominant in my spiritual explorations for the […]