Sex, God And Safe Words

My safe words — I don’t know. I’ve drawn the conclusion that I utilize the phrase “I don’t know” for deflection, to side-step questions I have no answers for, and to avoid the scrutiny and judgment of others. Questions such as, “Krisi, does God exist?” Or “Krisi, do you believe sex should be saved for […]

I Am Unmade

Last week I wrote for Mitchell Roush and his series of creativity and faith. He asked me to share about how a piece of media has effected my experience with faith, God etc. Here is an excerpt of what I wrote— ——— I love words. Apparently I started talking at an obscenely young age, my parents initially […]

Doubting Krisi.

I went to church a month ago for the first time in over a year. It was exactly what I remember, nothing much had changed in message format or worship song trend. It was a new location with new faces, all smiley and full of welcome. At the end of the night, I climbed into […]

Church: Habitual Obligation

I sat quite still on the scuffed hardwood, cradling the small body of Stevie, a two pound mixed pup, whose heart beat thumped lightly against the back of my hand.   She was my comfort as I debated with myself the necessity of going to church simply because of the holiday— Easter.   I am not opposed […]

To Let Someone In

“I think I’d like to come visit you. What do you think?” Who me? He wanted to come visit me? This was about two weeks into a chain of Skype calls I had been having with a guy 3,000-ish miles away. I knew very little about him, he was a writer and had a poster […]