Please Go, Please Stay

Go fast, no wait don’t go. For three weeks I have been away from my everyday life — as a single person, I have had the freedom to move to California without thinking of another person, go on a hike when I want to, make coffee or go out for it, cook dinner or order in, […]

Pick A Side.

  Pick a side. This is a necessity of growing up, you have to start saying you are a “fill-in-the-blank”. Choose a football team, choose a political candidate, choose to eat gluten or not, choose to buy a car or go on a trip. Choose to be an atheist or a Christian, but whatever you […]

Prime Number

I went on a double date in college. I was the fifth person, so the date wasn’t meant for me, but all the same I had no idea this would become  normal in my life eight years later. Often, I am what they call a prime number, a number which can only be divided evenly by […]

Someones Special

“Anyone special in your life Krisi?” This is a fun question, I don’t get it too often, just when i’m catching up with a friend over coffee or talking to family on the phone. I know what’s being asked — “is there an exciting new romance we can giggle about?” It’s not a bad question, […]

Social Cues

I went on a double date once, although, I didn’t know it at the time, being that I was the fifth person in the group. “Goodnight Krisi!” The foursome cried, I waved a weak hand and limped on aching heals back to the dorm. I was carrying three styrofoam boxes oozing grease, they weighed as […]