Dating and Chemistry

I am learning every relationship I develop, platonic or otherwise, has a lesson of self-understanding attached to it. The very existence of human interaction is designed to teach me something, and not always about what I am doing wrong. Occasionally relationships end too. I’ve learned this comes more frequently, and more amiably as I am […]

Courage to be Uncomfortable

  I have been using Adobe programs for about three years now, which I have learned through a combination of trial and error, youtube videos and user forums. There are a few mysteries I have not quite mastered, like how to move an image file from Adobe Illustrator to Photoshop without losing quality in the […]

How Hate Has Taught Me Love

I remember watching 20/20 when Rosie O’donnell came out as gay to the public. My sister and I were watching the television quietly for awhile, both of us under the age of thirteen if I remember right. Kelsey, my sister, turned to me and asked, “Krisi, if I was gay, would you still love me?” […]

Can I Kiss You?

I went to an event a few years ago in Abilene called “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes“. There were a few dramatic readings, the mayor spoke, (it was a small town) and then several dozen men, some in biker chaps, others in salmon colored polos, strapped on high heels and walked one hundred yards […]