Creative Meeting Dance

In fifth grade my teacher asked each of us to put together a family tree and present it to the class. I, being an overachieving odd ball, who never passed up the opportunity for show and tell, dug ten generations back and carefully scrawled out the names of relatives as far back as the Mayflower. […]

To Let Someone In

“I think I’d like to come visit you. What do you think?” Who me? He wanted to come visit me? This was about two weeks into a chain of Skype calls I had been having with a guy 3,000-ish miles away. I knew very little about him, he was a writer and had a poster […]

I Won’t Make A List

I recently read this post, titled The Husband List — Twelve non-negotiable’s. I reread it, and reread it again, moving through emotional waves of anger, pity and attempted open mindedness. In the end, I found myself imagining all the disillusioned “good girl’s” who spent time scribbling out bible versus and adding heart shaped check boxes next […]

I Kissed Kissing Goodbye

In High School I was a very loyal fan of I Kissed Dating Goodbye. I even wrote a poem inside the cover of my copy, it was called “Someday My Prince Will Come.” I think I borrowed the phrase from some Disney movie. It wasn’t until I was older I realized I was sold on […]