Becoming Naked

A lot of anxiety in my life has stemmed from a lack of self-value. I think at it’s best, insecurities hurt only us, but often they also hurt others too. When I am feeling less than pretty, less than fit, less than, my go to soother is to look at the people around me and […]

Fear’s (not) the Boss of Me

Last weekend I was with my friend Brianne who has two daughters, a three year old and one year old. We were watching the girls run in and out of a playhouse designed with one of those barn style doors that allows you to swing shut the bottom and then the top. A process which […]

Boy Crazy and Other Ghosts

Boy crazy. It’s an attribute i’ve pinned to my personality, one that has been haunting me since I was a child, chasing boys around the playground, secretly hoping they would want to chase me too. In middle school, I adored a boy named Mark, he had these big cow brown eyes and could spend hours […]

First Boyfriends and Sweaty Soles

I was sitting at my desk, mid-summer, with the heals of my feet tucked up onto the chair, leaving my well worn moccasins limp and exposed for all to see. They house the sweaty imprints of my soles, and tell a very disgusting story of the places I’ve been.  My friend walked by my desk, […]

An Ode To Life

Today, I am reading the following at my grandmother’s funeral, on behalf of my dad and my family, ____________________________________________________ If you want to know the legacy of a person after they’ve gone, all you have to do is look around at the people left behind. My grandma lived the majority of her life in South […]