I Want To Remember

So in case you haven’t heard yet, i’m moving away from Minneapolis. I have not lived anywhere longer then nine months since I moved to college. That was six years ago, for six years I have been packing and unpacking, tossing out paper scraps and collecting new reasons to be nostalgic for what I had […]

Crazy Taxi Metaphor

Last week during lunch I mentioned to a coworker I had never taken a taxi. Ten minutes later we were cruising through downtown Minneapolis in a cab. A mile to the river and back again was our route. During the ride, I quipped about this potentially being a Cash Cab, so our driver turned around […]


Body and Spirit

  I am two parts. Body and spirit. Part one does what’s normal, what it knows is expected. The spirit protests, it rears its head and hardens. It lies, allowing the body to meet expectations, the spirit plays¬†opossum. When they are linear, cohesive, I am my best self, I am honest and whole. I feel […]

Face Thyself

I was driving home the other day and Siri sent me to a dead end; It’s much easier to blame her than my terrible sense of direction. There was no way to continue on the road I had committed to, so I cautiously turned my car around and mosied back to my starting point. I […]