Where are you living these days?
In Fort Worth, with the rents. (That’s slang for parents)

Now, what kind of ‘consulting’ do you do again?
The online, social media kind. I help companies create structure for their social media plan and maintain an active voice with the online community. My goal is to empower and train individuals to contribute the knowledge of their business to a new and thriving medium. I also seek to collaborate with artists, designers etc. who can contribute to the company along with myself.

So, are planning on staying in Fort Worth? 
Nope! I’m moving to Minneapolis in January to join the Prodigal Magazine team and contribute in a daily capacity to the mission and vision of the magazine. I will continue my freelance work remotely.

Are you excited to move? 
I am ready, and sure this is the road I want to travel. Excited? Maybe, mostly just sure.

You sure post a lot of photos of babies, do you have kids? 
No, but I am the proudest aunt in all of time.  And yes, I refer to them as lil’ nubs.

lil nubs

Will you embrace your Norwegian Roots and eat more Lutefisk? 
Yes, and absolutely never.

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