I was driving home the other day and Siri sent me to a dead end; It’s much easier to blame her than my terrible sense of direction.

There was no way to continue on the road I had committed to, so I cautiously turned my car around and mosied back to my starting point.

I had a sudden thought nugget which needed to be preserved. So being a responsible driver, I told Siri to make a note:

“Loneliness forces us to face ourselves.” 

She repeated to me, “Loneliness forces us to Facebook.”

I suppose Siri knows what’s best, or at least what is most likely the truth.

Josh White, a pastor is Portland once said “the only thing which consoles us in our misery is distraction.”

Deep thought about the reality of our lives is heavily avoided.

Distraction comes in many forms: turning up the volume, watching thirty hours of Arrested Development, maybe seeking the comfort of male affection –or perhaps scrolling through the scrapbook of friends lives via Facebook.

At some point, there is nothing left to look at but ourselves. Here is where I am, facing myself.

Thanks for nothing Siri.

3 comments on “Face Thyself

  1. Saw your post on Ally’s website and thought I would stop by. I don’t have anything to add, really, but I just wanted to say I enjoy this… I enjoy the tone of exploration you have on this. I also read your post about “LIE!” and I really enjoyed that as well. Thanks for writing, for being honest, for not having all the answers and proceeding anyway. You’ve gained a new follower. 🙂

    1. Thank you Erika, that’s very encouraging! I would love to hear your thoughts added to my little corner of the web. Learning to ask questions is where I am right now, and I welcome anyone doing the same. 🙂

  2. Hey Krisi! I miss you friend! I cannot wait till I am closer to you! i really appreciate your honest and bravery to bring about issues people do not usually want to face or admit.

    It is so weird, but I was having these same thoughts (the ones talked about in your post) a few hours ago. Things have been weighing on me lately, things that never seemed to affect me as much before, and I think it is because I have been cutting back on tv watching and social events (since I am not in college anymore). So as a result, I am left with more of my thoughts, and the longer I am left with them, the less I like myself. Continually looking for distractions can be exhausting, and I don’t think I am up for that anymore.So facing ourselves is a starting point, at least we can see more of the truth…now on to how to begin to heal and grow…that’s easy right? haha.

    I love you friend, perhaps we can keep each other in thoughts and prayers:)



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