Each month I publish a list of Frequently Asked Questions, in other words, questions people have been asking me or I have been asking them. And I do my best to offer up answers as well. 

How are you liking Florida? 
Well, funny story… I ended up moving to Minneapolis with Prodigal instead of West Palm Beach. Hear that everyone, I repeat I am in land of the snow and ski, NOT the sun and surf.

So Krisi, have you ever ice skated before? 
Why yes I have. I was nine. And here I am again, digging back into my roots. But I have invented a new sport, it’s called singul-skating.  Which means you take off one skate that makes your foot cramp, and then glide around on the other.


Are you just like, dying up there in that cold?
Actually, compared to the snowpocalypse I prepared for, this has been wonderful!  Minneapolis has a lot to offer in regards to coffee shops, good beer and friendly people. Along with a few fabulous winter sports I have yet to enjoy.

And lastly, how do you like living in a house with EIGHT people?
I love it! Mostly. Three weeks in… we shall see.

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