So in case you haven’t heard yet, i’m moving away from Minneapolis.

I have not lived anywhere longer then nine months since I moved to college. That was six years ago, for six years I have been packing and unpacking, tossing out paper scraps and collecting new reasons to be nostalgic for what I had before.

I don’t want to say it is negative to crave what I once had. But I also want to be more prepared for the next great move, so maybe I will be a little less lonely.

I want to remember my crotchety old house.

I want to remember the dorm style room I share at twenty-five years old.

I want to remember the kitchen countertops cluttered with appliances and breadcrumbs.

I want to remember the leather chair underneath the window I would use in the winter to access the sun, and for the same reason avoided like the plague this summer.

I want to remember the fabulous bike lanes and fantastically beautiful lakes, tucked inside city limits.

I want to remember the depth of my loneliness this winter, and my exponential amount of growth.

Mostly, I want to remember how amazing people are, in Minnesota, in Texas, in Oregon, in Colorado, and anywhere I live in the future. In spite of loneliness, there is still enough good memories about each place I live to wish I was back there again.

What do you want to remember?


One comment on “I Want To Remember

  1. I want to remember the blanketed morning sky in Oregon, the hospitality of strangers in Illinois, and family among homeless beach communities in southern California.

    Also, the taste of coffee.

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