Krisiruth“Anyone special in your life Krisi?”

This is a fun question, I don’t get it too often, just when i’m catching up with a friend over coffee or talking to family on the phone.

I know what’s being asked — “is there an exciting new romance we can giggle about?”

It’s not a bad question, it’s just been a hard one to answer in the last eight years because I haven’t dated much, at least not anyone worth writing home about. But I have a pretty good answer right now.

So go ahead and ask, “Krisi, is there anyone special in you’re life right now?

Oh you bet, there are a few someones special, some women and some men. Before you raise a quizzical brow, i’ll say I’m not looking to date any of them, but they are definitely worth mentioning.

I was told before I graduated college that I would never find the same community again, the closeness and non-stop entertainment was short lived and long gone when I left the small community environment.

In some ways I suppose this is true, I don’t hang out in a post office/snack bar/bowling alley anymore. The library is more of a ten minute chore than a study destination, and I don’t watch late night volleyball games in the neighborhood sandpits.

But community has popped up around me, randomly and without expectation.

I thought moving away from home would mean I had to give up comfort and family, humor and confrontation. I didn’t think I would get friends again, not like the ones who have seen me change from teenage evangelist to twenty-something storyteller.

I never expected to vote Democrat or enjoy writing essays, but alas I did and I do. And in the same grain, I found home again.

A four-story green planked one, with wooden floors and a squirrel infestation. Rooms lit with candles and gut grabbing laughter. Piles of blankets tucked between the couches and books lining the staircase. Hot mugs of coffee and tacos brought by bicycle, sit in the laps of my housemates.

Housemates which are quickly becoming family.

There are two things I think have helped us twenty-somethings get through a quarter life crisis, happy hour and friendship. (Not necessarily in that order.)

I still haven’t found a happy hour to rival Blue Mesa in Fort Worth, Texas. (Free quesadilla bar and $4 margaritas? Come on!)

I think part of growing up is defining “home” and finding ways to build one.

Currently, mine lives at 5th Ave in Minneapolis. But it’s not the house, I think it’s the friendships. Maybe my answer to the “someone special” question was a little disappointing, because there are no daydreams of future Mrs. Fill-in-the-blank.

I think my love life has turned out a little different than I intended, it hasn’t produced a husband,  but the people I am currently choosing to love are teaching me quite a bit about what I want home and relationship to be.

It looks a lot more like the green planked, squirrel infested community i’ve found myself in now, I wouldn’t trade it for a quesadilla bar.

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