Please Go, Please Stay

Go fast, no wait don’t go. For three weeks I have been away from my everyday life — as a single person, I have had the freedom to move to California without thinking of another person, go on a hike when I want to, make coffee or go out for it, cook dinner or order in, […]

We Need Each Other

Dear friends, What have we done? This is the question I ask, sitting in my bed hours after the impossible has happened. Hours after the Donald has been elected president of the United States. Last night at eleven-thirty I walked home from a brewery right after they announced the Donald won Florida. I walked the […]

Little Death’s

Little deaths. Two winters ago I made a commitment to give up God. An active disengagement from my twenty-six years of belief, I was very official about the whole process. I wrote “god is not real” on a piece of paper, lit a glittery white candle, and set the paper on fire in the snow […]

Becoming Naked

A lot of anxiety in my life has stemmed from a lack of self-value. I think at it’s best, insecurities hurt only us, but often they also hurt others too. When I am feeling less than pretty, less than fit, less than, my go to soother is to look at the people around me and […]

Pick A Side.

  Pick a side. This is a necessity of growing up, you have to start saying you are a “fill-in-the-blank”. Choose a football team, choose a political candidate, choose to eat gluten or not, choose to buy a car or go on a trip. Choose to be an atheist or a Christian, but whatever you […]