Becoming Naked

A lot of anxiety in my life has stemmed from a lack of self-value. I think at it’s best, insecurities hurt only us, but often they also hurt others too. When I am feeling less than pretty, less than fit, less than, my go to soother is to look at the people around me and […]

Pick A Side.

  Pick a side. This is a necessity of growing up, you have to start saying you are a “fill-in-the-blank”. Choose a football team, choose a political candidate, choose to eat gluten or not, choose to buy a car or go on a trip. Choose to be an atheist or a Christian, but whatever you […]

Prime Number

I went on a double date in college. I was the fifth person, so the date wasn’t meant for me, but all the same I had no idea this would become  normal in my life eight years later. Often, I am what they call a prime number, a number which can only be divided evenly by […]

The Church Needs You

“You might not need the church Krisi, but the church needs you.” Kevin looked me in the eyes and repeated his sentence with eerie authenticity. I’ve been hearing a rendition of this statement a lot recently. Mostly from the same person, my good friend Brianne keeps telling me how much I have to offer to […]