Advice Most Taken

About this time eight years ago I was deciding on a future. A higher education future. I did not explore many options because I was going to be a missionary. I knew internally a career spreading the gospel to all nations would not be nurtured in a public university, so I turned first to a […]

Actively Giving Up

I’ve decided to actively give up god for awhile, this may sound like a casual statement, said flippantly and off the cuff, but honestly I think i’ve given up on the idea of god for longer than I have known — I think, if i’m honest doubt has been predominant in my spiritual explorations for the […]

Sex, God And Safe Words

My safe words — I don’t know. I’ve drawn the conclusion that I utilize the phrase “I don’t know” for deflection, to side-step questions I have no answers for, and to avoid the scrutiny and judgment of others. Questions such as, “Krisi, does God exist?” Or “Krisi, do you believe sex should be saved for […]