Dear friends,

What have we done?

This is the question I ask, sitting in my bed hours after the impossible has happened. Hours after the Donald has been elected president of the United States. Last night at eleven-thirty I walked home from a brewery right after they announced the Donald won Florida.

I walked the twenty-ish blocks in sickened silence. Writing out hateful poetry in my head, not for the Donald, but for the people in this country who chose him. For the people I could not see but could paint with visceral disgust.

People who refused to see the dictator style joke of a Doritos faced man I saw.


In my head I wrote lines like:

I am America, I accept Muslims, I accept immigrants and globalization and progress. I am America, not him. Not Him. 

But. But he is America, he is what an entire people group were afraid they were losing —  control and advancement.

I want to say I am America but if i’m honest I spend most of my time despising this country, with it’s big portions and dramatic TV shows. At the core of it, perhaps I knew the majority of our country was afraid of the phantoms of job loss and immigrant travel. Was afraid and angry at ‘the establishment’. But I hoped I was wrong.

Hoped America was for people. Woman, man, child, Black, Hispanic, Asian, African, European, disabled, disarmed, etc.

What this night has proven to me is the bleakness of our country. Of the stronghold fear takes in our society. How it twists it’s body around the minds of otherwise decent people and convinces them they need walls and muscles.

Here is the hardest part of this whole election, it’s not the swearing in of a sub-prime celebrity, it’s how do we deal with each other now?

I felt so much hatred as the polls closed, a desire to scream and to attack. I had visions of castrating the Donald, separating him from everything he held dear. I felt a strong loss of safety, thinking of the masses who in their idiocy and ignorance voted for Hitler’s prodigy.

I walked in silence down dark and cold streets with autumn leaves crunching under my feet. But my insides were throwing a toddler style fit. Ready to end ties with all of you, all of you who would risk our progressive America, risk my freedoms, risk my neighbors liberty to refuge.

But then I thought of the faces of people I love who are known the Donald supporters. We need each other. All of us. We need factories and tire shops, Wall street and bank tellers, Urban planners and Apple sales specialists.

We need each other like we needed each other in 1776, as Great Britain weighed it’s heavy hand upon us.

We need each other like we needed each other in the 1860’s, as slavery pushed against it’s chains.

We need each other like we needed each other in the first half of the last century, as millions poured into the United States through Ellis Island, hoping for new life, religious freedom and acceptance.

It might feel painful to accept this but I know that no matter who is chosen as President of the United States, whether you were more afraid of Hillary or the Donald, if we do not have a peaceful democratic process, we have no 1776 America, no post Civil War America, no Susan B Anthony America, no Martin Luther King America and no Middle Eastern refuge America.

We are capable and we are strong.

No matter the outcome of this shocking and disparaging the Donald election, I still have a voice and so do you.


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